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September 24, 2010

The California Air Resources Board also has unanimously adopted the nation’s toughest “green energy” policy – known as the “Renewable Energy Standard” — that requires one-third of electricity sold in California to come from clean, renewable sources by 2020. In 2009, the Governor signed an Executive Order directing the Board to adopt these rules. The regulations place the highest priority on renewable resources that will provide the greatest environmental benefits that can be developed quickly and support reliable, efficient and cost-effective electricity system operations including resources and facilities located in California and throughout the Western Interconnection.

Although our industry has expressed a great concern about the impact of these regulations on the cost of energy, the ARB action is preferable to legislative attempts to put the standard into statute. Last year a bill was vetoed, and this year one died on the final night of session, that would have not only increased the cost of energy, but would have put rules in place that would have provided a disincentive for importation of such energy from other states, driving the costs even higher.

Click here for a news story on California’s new energy policy.

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