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    We would like to congratulate and welcome the new Executive Director for the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC or shortened to BSC) Mia Marvelli.  The BSC is one of the most important state agencies that our industry works with and we look forward to working with Ms. Marvelli on all the issues – from plumbing codes to green building standards – that impact our buildings.

    As part of the Department of General Services, BSC administers the many processes related to the development, adoption, approval, publication, and implementation of California’s building codes.

     Here is more on the BSC’s new executive director from an agency release:

    “Marvelli joined the CBSC in 2012 with 20 years of prior state service including the Department of Water Resources and the Department of General Services, Real Estate Services Division. Prior to being named executive director, Marvelli served CBSC as a staff architect who administered the processes related to the adoption, approval, publication, and implementation of California’s building codes. In addition, she developed building standards and green building standards regulations on behalf of CBSC.

    “During her tenure at the Departments of Water Resources and General Services, Marvelli developed construction drawings for new state facilities and for the renovation of existing state-owned facilities in compliance with the California Building Standards Codes, Title 24, California Code of Regulations.”

    Welcome and congratulations!

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