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    We are still wading through the hundreds of bills that were introduced in by the Bill Introduction Deadline last week.  Here are some interesting bills from the Assembly.  More to follow next week.  Please send any thoughts, comments, analyses you have on these bills by replying to this email.  Our Legislative Committees will be meeting over the next three weeks to set positions and prioritize bills.  Your input is importan

      AB 1570 (Perea; D-Fresno)  California Environmental Quality Act   (CEQA): record of proceedings.  This   bill would require the lead agency, at the request of a project applicant, to   prepare a record of proceedings concurrently with the preparation and   certification of an EIR.


      AB 1598 (Buchanan; D-San Ramon)  Public contracts: public works:   installation.
      Requires prevailing wage be paid for any contract using public   monies in the installation and disassembly of freestanding and affixed   modular office systems. Because this bill would expand the definition of a   crime, it would impose a state-mandated local program. This bill contains   other related provisions and other current laws.


      AB 1627 (Dickinson; D-Sacramento)  Environmental quality: building   standards: vehicle miles traveled.  Requires the Energy Commission to prescribe   building design and construction standards that reduce “vehicle miles   traveled.”  The bill would prohibit a   local building department from issuing a building permit for a residential or   nonresidential building unless the department confirms that the building plan   complies with those standards.


      AB 1666 (Olsen; R-Modesto)  Automated external defibrillators   (AED).
      This bill would extend current training requirements and   liability protections for building owners who install AED’s to January 1,   2018.


      AB 1711 (Galgiani; D-Tracy)  Energy resources: energy savings   program.
      This bill tries to reduce burdensome   laws and regulations impacting real estate by specifying that an   unreasonable or unnecessary affect on the home purchasing process or the   ability of individuals to rent housing includes an act or requirement in the   assessment, rating, or improvement of a residential building that results in   certain costs or delays the close of escrow.


      AB 1959 (Williams; D-Santa Barbara)  Building standards: green   building standards: toxic air contaminants. Require the California   Building Standards Commission to consider adopting building standards for   toxic air contaminants as a part of the mandatory minimum green building   standards (CALGreen).


      AB 2014 (Ammiano D)    Property taxation: change in ownership: legal entities: task force.  This bill   sets up a task force to review commercial real estat “change of ownership”   rules under 1978’s Proposition 13.    Task force includes a wide range of individuals, but does not include   anyone from the commercial real estate industry.


      AB 2131 (Olsen; R-Modesto)  Local government: investments.  
      Would authorize local governments to aggregate investment funds   in Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) bonds.  


      AB 2485 (Hueso; D-Chula Vista)  Retail facilites at roadside rest   areas.
      Summary: Would authorize the   Department of Transportation to enter into agreements for the operation of   roadside rest areas by private entities in conjunction with the development   of a retail establishment.


      AB 2577 (Galgiani; D-Tracy)  Environmental quality: public   comments.
      This bill would specify that a lead CEQA agency does not have a   duty to consider, evaluate, or respond to comments received after the   expiration of the public review period.


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