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    Posted: April 2, 2012 | Posted by Crystal Whitfield | No Comments

    As if the CEC didn’t have enough to do just writing the Nation’s most progressive energy code, along comes AB 1627 (Dickinson; D-Sacramento), legislation that will drastically impact your operations by enacting regulations attempting to limit how much people drive through building codes.

    If enacted into law, AB 1627 will prohibit local governments from issuing building permits for construction or renovation until a local building official determines the building plans have significantly reduced “vehicle miles traveled” (VMT) by the individuals traveling to-and-from the new construction.

    To meet these standards a permitee must mitigate the “vehicle miles traveled” associated with the individual occupants of the building – whether it be commercial or residential.  The mitigation is likely to come by way of new mandates to fund public transit or other trip reduction programs.

    Click here to read Assembly Member Dickinson’s press release on the bill.

    Along with a large coalition of allied business groups and some in local government who are concerned that the state is further usurping land-use planning responsibilities, we are vigorously opposing the measure.

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