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February 18, 2011

Today marks one of the major Constitutional dates on the Legislative Calendar – Bill Introduction Deadline. In the last few days, hundreds of measures have been introduced. Since we read every bill to identify those that will have an impact on our industry, it will take a few days to catch up. However, below are a few measures that have already caught our attention. Your feedback, analysis, and position recommendations are highly encouraged.

Property Tax

SCA 5 (Simitian – D) Taxation: educational entities: parcel tax. Would condition the imposition, extension, or increase of a parcel tax, by a school district, community college district, or county office of education upon the approval of 55% of its voters.


AB 265 (Ammiano – D) Tenancies: unlawful detainer. Increases the time of UD notice period from 3 to 14 days.

AB 312 (Lowenthal, B – D) Civil rights: homeless persons. Creates protections for Homeless People on private property.

AB 818 (Blumenfield – D) Would require the owners of multifamily housing of five or more apartments to provide recycling services to tenants.

CEQA/Land Use/Infrastructure

AB 49 (Gatto – D) Permit Streamlining Act; Development: expedited permit review. Requires Lead Agencies to provide information to developers explaining the permit approval process at the state and local levels.

AB 208 (Fuentes – D) Land use: subdivision maps: expiration dates. Extend by 24 months the expiration date of any approved tentative map or vesting tentative map.

SB 34 (Simitian – D) Water infrastructure projects: fees. Declares the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to develop a fee-based system to pay for costs associated with updating and modernizing water infrastructure projects in the state.

SB 214 (Wolk – D) Infrastructure financing districts: voter approval: Eliminates the requirement of voter approval and authorize the legislative body to create the district, adopt the plan, and issue the bonds by resolutions.

SB 241 (Cannella – R) CEQA Litigation Protection Pilot Program of 2011. Would require the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency to select projects, exempt from judicial review.

SB 469 (Vargas – D) Land use: development project review: superstores: Increases required review of big box retail development.

Online Retail Sales Tax Collection

AB 153 (Skinner – D) Creates “Affiliate Nexus” for online retailers for purposes of State Sales Tax point of collection requirements.

AB 155 (Calderon, C – D) Revises definition of “retailer engaged in business in this state” for purposes of State Sales Tax point of collection requirements.

SB 234 (Hancock – D) Creates a “Long Arm” provision in CA for purposes of State Sales Tax point of collection requirements.

Business/General Issues

AB 350 (Solorio – D) Displaced Janitor Opportunity Act. Would rename the act the Displaced Property Service Employee Opportunity Act and make the provisions of the act applicable to property services, which would include licensed security, as defined, landscape, window cleaning, and food cafeteria services.

AB 357 (Garrick – R) Equal access rights: construction-related access claims. The federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination against an individual with a disability on the basis of that disability in specified situations, including employment opportunities and access to public accommodations, services, and transportation.

SB 202 (Hancock – D) Ballot initiatives: filing fees. Would find that the current $200 fee is inadequate to cover the costs to the state to process a proposed initiative and would increase the filing fee from $200 to $2,000.

Building Standards/Energy/Water

AB 19 (Fong – D) Building standards: Requires Water meters in New/Existing Multiunit and Mixed-Use Structures.

AB 296 (Skinner – D) Global warming: urban heat island effects pavement. Regulates the reflectivity (albedo) of pavement to reduce the urban heat island effect.

AB 317 (Calderon, C – D) Energy: master-meter customers. Provide that rebates do not include ratepayer funded incentives received by the master-meter customer as a result of investments in energy generation or efficiency.

SB 16 (Rubio – D) GREEN Energy: renewable energy and transmission projects: expedited permitting.

SB 209 (Corbett – D) Common interest developments: electric vehicle mandates ability to use charging stations in CIDs.

SB 454 (Pavley) Gives CEC authority to enforce Energy Efficiency Regulations through fines and civil penalties.

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