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May 11, 2015

A newly formalized coalition of public employee unions and other left-wing political groups held a press conference this week to reveal an effort to repeal commercial real estate protections under Proposition 13. Ultimately, the groups says its goal is to impose an $9 billion tax on businesses through “split roll” – removing Prop 13 protections for commercial real estate so taxes can be raised separately from residential and agricultural properties.

The coalition has come together under the slogan “Make It Fair; Close the Corporate Loopholes and Rebuild California,” which is very similar to sloganeering from activist groups that have been trying to erode public support of Prop. 13.

Click here is a list of the group’s funders, leaders, and public supporters.

At this point it is not clear what the group is planning to do, though we expect that gathering signatures for a proposition attempt is the direction they are heading. See below for a story from the Sac Bee about this effort.

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