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July 8, 2011

The commercial real estate industry has been working for several months to defeat AB 350 (Solorio; D-Santa Ana) – legislation that forces employers to discriminate against their existing employees, gives hiring preference to employees from competing companies, and seriously impedes the ability of businesses to run efficient, quality operations.

With funding from BOMA International’s Industry Defense Fund and matching commitments from all California local associations and several individual companies, we have been able to ramp up our efforts to educate legislators about the negative impacts of this Job Killer bill. But we won’t be successful without YOUR HELP and engagement. Below are some recent updates and some ways you and your company can get involved in this important fight. If you can help fund this effort, please contact us immediately.

Visit our new web site: www.AB350AreYouKiddingMe.com. Launched yesterday, this web site will serve as the clearing house of information for the campaign and the coalition efforts around this bill.

Please take a moment to officially join the coalition. This will give us permission to list your organization/company as part of the growing coalition. You can do this replying to this e-mail with your permission, or signing up on-line here.

Check out the new materials available including a fact sheet, sample letter to Senators, coalition form by clicking here and visiting the “how you can help” webpage.

Help us provide real-life examples. A large part of this effort is going to involve in-district advocacy and press efforts. The local faces of businesses and employees hurt by this legislation will be important in this effort. Provide examples of how being unable to properly vet employees at your properties could be a problem for your business.

“Are you kidding me?” is the most common reaction this bill elicits from people that learn about its provisions. California’s economy is still struggling. Unemployment is near 12%. The legislature has real problems to address, like creating jobs and reviving our economy.

But instead of solving real problems, some legislators are pushing misguided legislation that puts government in charge of who private businesses can hire, forces businesses to discriminate against their current employees and seriously erodes businesses’ ability to control the quality of their work product.


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