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February 25, 2011

The commercial real estate industry is standing firm with our colleagues in local government in battling the proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies and redirect the funding. As part of a coalition of more than 70 local governments, elected officials, business and labor groups, environmental leaders, and affordable housing advocates, we are asking our members to contact your state legislators and ask them not to accept a budget package that includes the elimination of redevelopment.

To send a letter in support of redevelopment, click here. Simply input your address and the legislators representing your area will be displayed, along with their contact information. In addition, various materials to help with outreach to local stakeholders and legislators can be found at here.

There has been much talk lately in the Capitol about “letting the voters decide” in reference to the Governor’s proposal to extend taxes. The irony is that the voters have spoken loud and clear in approving Proposition 22, mandating an end to State budget raids and gimmicks using local funds. We urge legislators to do the right thing, stand with the voters, and reject this proposal to abolish redevelopment.

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