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    Apr 21


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    We are happy to report and want to thank all of you that helped, AB 199 (Chu; D-San Jose), a legislative proposal which would have posed a huge threat to the entire construction industry by mandating the payment of Prevailing Wages for private residential projects in California, has been amended in such a manner to address our issues.

    Due to the recent amendments to AB 199, our coalition, led by friends over at the California Building Industry Association (CBIA), have withdrawn its opposition to the measure.  The amendments return the bill to existing code (eliminating the problematic reference to “political subdivisions”) and add “a successor agency to a redevelopment agency when acting in that capacity,” after redevelopment agency.

    These amendments reflect the author’s and sponsor’s stated intent of the bill – to ensure that projects that had been approved by an RDA continue to pay prevailing wage.  Doing so addressed the concern that the bill was far more expansive, requiring nearly all private residential development to pay prevailing wage.

    There may still be some concern on the bill from our friends in local government regarding the RDA issue, but for now the major threat to all private construction has been lifted.

    Thank you to CBIA for leading this effort and to all of you that picked up the phone and/or wrote a letter to let policymakers know how bad this issue was for our industry.

    Apr 21


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    As we have previously let you know, two bills have been gut-and-amended to deal with Dual Agency in the State of California and are currently in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  One of the bills deals directly with residential disclosure issues related to the California Supreme Court case knows as Horiike.  The other bill is using the cover of that court case to ban the common practice altogether in the commercial setting at the behest of a tenant only brokerage firm.

    Here are links to the two measures:

    AB 1626 (Irwin) Dual Agency Disclosures is a measure sponsored by the Realtors.

    AB 1059 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Bans Dual Agency is a measure sponsored by a tenant-rep brokerage firm.

    The Realtors have an effort at reform with AB 1626 to deal with issues the court raised for residential transactions noted in the Horiike case.

    We are very concerned with AB 1059 as it would have a negative impact on the commercial real estate industry and is not actually addressing issues related to Horiike as it is confined to commercial transactions.

    AB 1059 appears to be using the court decision as a pretext to pursue a pre-existing agenda that would codify a particular business model and discomfit competitors (and upend an entire industry in the process).

    Apr 21


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    Our members have let us know how bad AB 1059 is and there are active efforts all across California to communicate to legislators how this bill would upend our entire industry.  We have been asked to share information on how companies can go on record opposing this bill so we are providing the following address and fax number for you to send a short letter:


    The Honorable Mark Stone

    Chair, Assembly Judiciary Committee

    State Capitol

    Sacramento, CA 95691


    RE: AB 1059 (Gonzalez Fletcher) DUAL AGENCY BAN ***OPPOSE***

    Set for Hearing May 2, 2017


    Dear Assemblymember Stone:

    FAX LETTER TO:  916-319-2188

    You do not need to write a long technical legal letter.  To oppose this bill simply write a short note explaining that despite proponents claims, AB 1059 will hurt small and large tenants alike, driving down competition, raising costs and making transactions more difficult.

    Under this bill real estate transactions will be more complicated, costly, and adversarial than they are today by banning the ability for one firm – mutually agreeable to both parties — from coordinating purchase and/or lease transactions.  There are already rules in place to mandate disclosure of dual representation, so there is full transparency.

    Apr 21


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    Here is a recent story by Costar on two dual agency bills introduced in California.  See below for more detail about the two bills. Costar Story: CA to Consider New Legislation On Dual Agency

    Apr 21


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     Division of the State Architect has released its Access Compliance package which starts the 45-Day language comment period for the disabled access update (7/1/18).  Your Sacramento staff is reviewing the package to see if there are any objectionable provision remaining (we have been working on this for the past year).

    We would like to make sure that members of the industry who work with the code also have the opportunity to review and provide comment on any potential issues.  Click here and go to the DSA-AC section to access the official documents.