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    Sep 11


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     Today is the anniversary of the September 11th attack on our country.  We mark this anniversary as a way to honor all the lives that were lost.  May they and their families find some peace.

    Sep 11


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    Today is also the last day of the 2015 California Legislative Session.  More action seems to happen in the final 48 hours of session than the rest of the year combined.  Your Sacramento staff is covering a broad array of bills including several dealing with Greenhouse Gas Issues, CEQA, ADA, Mandatory Benchmarking, and a host of issues that would impact your business from sick leave policy to water conservation.

    Yes, this many major issues are still being worked on, amended, and voted on today, the last day of the nine month long legislative session.

    Because of this crush of issues, this update is short.  Next week look for a comprehensive update on all the issues we have been following.

    Sep 11


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    Over the past few months we have reported many times about two major bills progressing through the Legislature relating to further ratcheting down California’s greenhouse gas laws, SB 32 (Pavley) and SB 350 (de Leon).

    SB 32 would have required California to adopt further greenhouse gas emission reductions for 2030 and 2050 without regard to the impact on individuals, jobs and the economy. We opposed this bill and are happy to report that its been shelved for this year.  Expect to see it again next year.

    Issues related to SB 350 are a little more complicated, because it has had two major sets of amendments in the past week and we are still trying to fully understand the impact on our industry.  Initially the bill sought to reduce the use of petroleum by 50%, increase the Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50% and double the energy efficiency in existing buildings.  The first part of the bill has been dropped and the other parts of the bill have been significantly modified to address concerns expressed by many groups.  We are cautiously optimistic that these amendments have addressed our major concerns and because we support the ultimate goal of the measure – cleaner energy and efficient buildings – are withdrawing opposition.

    The issue has had an intense nationwide focus, so much so that the New York Times dropped by to write about it. Click here to read about it.

    Sep 11


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    Sometimes end of session amendments are actually a good thing!

    AB 802 (Williams; D-Santa Barbara) a bill relating to below code energy efficiency grant programs, that we have strongly supported was amended to include a re-write of the Mandatory Benchmarking Law (commonly referred to as the AB 1103 program).  As many of you know the benchmarking law as written over six years ago is can be cumbersome and expensive to undertake, especially in multi-tenant buildings where access to utility information may not be available to the building owner. The current program also uses the real estate transaction (sale/lease/finance) as the trigger for benchmarking, which causes lots of unanticipated problems and headaches for our industry, and is ultimately not a good trigger because some building may transact multiple times in a year while other may not transact for years at a time.

    Under the new language, benchmarking would still be mandatory in California, however, the statute would be rewritten in a way that removes the statutory time-of-sale/lease triggers, sets a lower limit of 50K S.F. for buildings included in the mandate, and would give the Energy Commission more flexibility to come up with regulations across the different building types that make sense.  This bill will also make it easier for you to work with your tenant and local utility to get the information needed in a timely manner.

    Sep 11


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