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    May 1


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    The State Water Resources Control Board has released the formal emergency regulatory package for implementing the state’s required 25% reduction in urban water use.

    Click here for the proposed regulations and Click here for all of the background/supporting information.

    Please send any comments you may have to us as soon as possible.  Comments are due on the formal regulation May 4.  The State Board is scheduled to take action on the package May 5 or 6.

    In addition to any written comments, we are working directly with some of the top leaders from the water agencies and the Governor’s office to provide input on what commercial real estate has done to conserve water and to help make sure the regulations that are ultimately adopted will be informed by experts in our industry.

    We also continue to stress that the main impact on our industry will emanate from your local utilities and water agencies.  We advise that you work closely with your local agencies to assure that local policies are informed by commercial real estate professionals.  Thank you!

    May 1


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    In an unanticipated change in plans, Governor Brown announced a new approach for water delivery infrastructure bypassing parts of the Delta with two tunnels.  According to the Governor, the revised approach – known as California EcoRestore and California WaterFix (Alternative 4A) – is directly responsive to public feedback gathered through the Bay Delta Conservation Plan environmental review process, addresses scientific uncertainty, and reinforces the importance of the co-equal goals.

    The plan, however, which changes the formula for infrastructure and construction and environmental mitigations, has been not been initially well received by some environmental groups.

    Click here for the article

    May 1


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    Hopefully not lost in the shuffle of the drought emergency actions, you need to know that this week the Governor took California’s already ambitious Greenhouse Gas Reduction targets and made them even more stringent.  The new California goal aims to reduce emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, going beyond the current goals of AB 32.  California has by far the most aggressive benchmark enacted by any government in North America to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade and a half.

    Click here to read more about the goals and strategies the governor has laid out to meet them.

    May 1


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    The anti-Proposition 13 activist group known as Evolve has announced plans to hold an event in Sacramento on May 7 to push its desire for a statewide ballot measure that will eliminate protections provided by the 1978 measure.  The group is offering to bus people in from the Bay Area city of Oakland for the rally.  At this point we do not have any details about their progress on developing a statewide ballot measure to create a split roll property tax.

    May 1


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    We are founding member of a coalition of business and taxpayer organizations that has banded together to provide education and information about the problems related with fundamentally changing Proposition 13.  The group is named Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes.  On behalf of individuals and companies that will be impacted by higher property taxes, the coalition provides a website with lots of good resources for news and information, including academic studies that show the negative impacts a split roll would have on California’s economy.

    Click here to visit the CSHPT website.

    May 1


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    And with all the focus on water conservation, we want to make sure that you don’t forget that as the weather heats up, energy conservation becomes more important.

    We are again participating with Flex Alert.  With high heat approaching and drought conditions increasing the chance of wildfires that can disrupt transmission lines, conserving energy during peak hours will be especially critical this summer.

    When an alert is called, Flex Alert asks Californians to immediately conserve electricity and take three simple actions to reduce electrical load on the grid:

    1. Turn off all unnecessary lights, computers, and appliances.

    2. Adjust your air conditioning thermostat to 78° or higher. Use a fan when possible.

    3. Postpone using major appliances and equipment until after 6 p.m.

    Flex Alerts are announced through email, social media and web.

    Keep your eyes open for Flex Alert notifications this summer and for more information please visit www.flexalert.org.


    May 1


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    Our friends at ICSC in D.C. have let us know that H.R. 1732, “The Regulatory Integrity Protection Act of 2015,” was introduced in the House April 13.

    This legislation would require the withdrawal of the current proposed rule to redefine “Waters of the U.S.,” and would direct EPA and the Corps to re-propose a new rule after transparent and robust consultation has occurred with affected governmental and private sector stakeholders. The bill passed on April 15 in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on a mostly party-line vote (Democratic Representatives Sean Patrick Maloney of New York and Cheri Bustos of Illinois broke party lines to vote in favor of the bill).

    The rule was sent to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on April 3 for interagency review and a timeline for the rule’s finalization is currently unknown. Similar legislation is expected to be introduced in the Senate in the coming week, and a vote on this House legislation is expected on Thursday, April 30.

    Please click here to urge your Representatives to support H.R. 1732