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    Feb 27


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    An iconic figure in our industry has passed away.  According to in memoriam posted by ICSC:  “Henry T. Segerstrom, creator of one of America’s most iconic malls — South Coast Plaza — died Friday. He was 91.

    “Segerstrom grew up on a farm in Costa Mesa, Calif., on land that had been amassed by his father. The area had little to offer except agriculture, but Segerstrom had a vision that would change all that. In 1967 he opened South Coast Plaza and in 1978 persuaded Nordstrom to open its first department store outside the Pacific Northwest at his mall. Other upscale retailers soon followed, including Hermès, I. Magnin, Saks Fifth Avenue and a series of expensive European boutiques. Thus South Coast Plaza became one of the highest-performing shopping centers in the world, with annual sales that now exceed $1.7 billion.”
    Mr. Segerstrom and his company he headed have been very active in our association for many years.  Last November, South Coast Plaza and the Segerstrom Family were awarded one of our industry’s highest recognitions, “CBPA Champion of Industry.”

    Click here to read more about Segerstrom’s accomplishments.

    Feb 27


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    Leaders from the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate sectors gathered in Sacramento this week to chart the legislative and regulatory course for the coming year at the first California Business Properties Association (CBPA) meeting of 2015.  Issues ranging from the Governor’s proposal to increase energy efficiency standards for existing buildings, mandatory defibrillator installations, Redevelopment, ADA, and CEQA, were discussed.

    After a full morning of policy discussions, nearly half of the newly elected members of the California Assembly and Senate joined the group of real estate leaders for lunch and the opportunity to learn more about our industry.

    The CBPA Board consists of leaders from all facets of our industry.  They meet quarterly to discuss issues, provide input, and assure the strategic direction of policy positions in Sacramento reflect the priorities of member companies.

    Feb 27


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    Today is “Bill Introduction Deadline” in the California State Legislature.  Have until close of business today to introduce all the great ideas they have to improve your businesses.  We normally see well over 2,000 separate legislative measures, including constitutional amendments and resolutions, and this year the numbers seems to be even higher than normal.

    Although bills could have been introduced as early as December of last year, a vast majority of bills are introduced in the final week of February. We expect hundreds of bills to be put in just today to beat the deadline.

    So far more 200 bills have been identified as having a direct and/or significant impact on our industry, including measures to change unlawful detainer notification, make it easier to raise property taxes, and mandate personnel decisions for building managers.

    Your Sacramento staff and legislative committees are currently in the process of reading all the bills and analyzing their impact.  If you would like to participate in this process we would love your help.  Volunteer by responding to this email.


    Feb 27


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    California Democratic lawmakers, led by Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), unveiled an ambitious plan Wednesday to increase affordable housing throughout the state by creating permanent funding through a new real estate fee and increasing tax credits to spur new building.

    Although we have not been able to do a review of the proposed legislative language, on the surface, this idea sounds very similar to a measure that was pushed last year, but did not pass.  That bill, SB 391, attempted to generate as much as $700 million for affordable housing through a $75 recording fee on real property documents.

    As an industry we want to play a positive role in helping solve issues related to affordable housing in this state, and are amenable to several ideas that have been floated, but ultimately were unable to come to agreement on the measure last year.  We look forward to working with the Speaker on this issue this year, and hope we can be part of a positive solution that works for all parties.

    Identifying statewide permanent funding sources to backfill the loss of redevelopment is a critical issue, especially because many local jurisdictions are actively pursuing fee and tax hikes on our industry locally to pay for affordable housing.  We hope a fair and comprehensive solution can be found.

    Click here for the article.

    Feb 27


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    You are invited to join the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) for a free workshop on how to apply for the California Competes Tax Credit. Companies large and small that are adding jobs in the state are encouraged to apply for tax credits to help expand their business.

    GO-Biz evaluates the most competitive applications based on the factors required by statute, including total jobs created, total investment, average wage, economic impact, strategic importance and more. Applications are accepted online through a free and interactive website at www.calcompetes.ca.gov.

    Any business can apply for the California Competes Tax Credit. The credit is available statewide to all industries. However, while there are no geographic or sector specific restrictions, the purpose of the California Competes Tax Credit is to attract and retain high-value employers in California in industries with high economic multipliers and that provide their employees good wages and benefits.
    This fiscal year, GO-Biz is authorized to award $151.1 million in tax credits of which 25% ($37.7 million) is reserved for small businesses. There are a series of regional workshops around the state addressing the application process. For information on when and where these workshops are taking place, please click here.

    Feb 27


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    The “45-Day Language” – official proposed changes by the California Energy Commission — to Title 24, Part 6 (CA Energy Code) was released earlier this week.

    ICSC, the NAIOP California Council, and BOMA California’s Board of Directors banded together to raise funds and identify industry experts to review the proposal.

    With the initial review complete, we have identified 201 revisions that will have some impact commercial real estate.

    ·         111 of these are considered to have little or no impact.

    ·         59 of the changes are moderate with little or no cost impact.

    ·         29 are considered significant with a moderate cost impact.

    ·         Finally, 2 proposals are considered critical with major cost and operational impacts.

    The review continues over the weekend and we are preparing information for the nonresidential portion of the hearings are which will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd.

    Here are the Notices of Proposed Action for the 2016 revisions to the Title 24 Part 6 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, and separately for the voluntary provisions in Title 24 Part 11, can be found here:

    Proposed 2016 California Energy Efficiency Standards 

    If you have experts at your company that can review the proposed regulations and provide feedback that would be helpful.

    Final proposed codes are scheduled for adoption at the CECs May 2015 Business Meeting.

    Feb 27


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    Is the new Energy Code causing you problems?  Costing you extra money?  The first step to resolving the problem, is better understanding the rules by which you need to build.

    Sponsored by the Energy Commission, Energy Code Ace is providing training classes focusing on the lighting standards and lighting technologies, which has proven to be one of the more difficult to understand and ultimately expensive changes in the code that came online earlier this year.  Classes available include: Office Lighting, Retail Lighting, and Residential Lighting.

    These hands-on classes are designed to provide those who design, specify, and/or inspect lighting installations in new and remodeled commercial office, retail and/or residential spaces with the knowledge and skills needed to perform key tasks associated with Title 24 building energy efficiency compliance. Topics include an overview of current lighting technologies that are available to fulfill code requirements.

    Upcoming Classes – Office Lighting

    April 15 San Francisco 8:30 – 4:30

    April 22 Davis 8:30 – 4:30

    May 20 Irwindale 8:30 – 3:30

    October 7 Irwindale 8:30 – 3:30

    December 3 Irwindale 8:30 – 3:30

    Upcoming Classes – Retail Lighting

    March 31 San Jose 8:30 – 3:30

    Click here for more information.

    Feb 27


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    For broader assistance with understanding or locating information in the 2013 Energy Standards, contact the Energy Standards Hotline at: (800) 772-3300 (toll-free in California); (916) 654-5106 (outside California); or via email at title24@energy.ca.gov.

    Feb 27


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    The 2015 Green California Summit will be at the Sacramento Convention Center April 7-8.

    Concurrent sessions will provide insight into innovations in energy efficiency, fleet management, water conservation, purchasing, green codes, funding for projects and more.

    There are also four Pre-Summit sessions on April 6:

    •    ZNE Workshop for State and Local Government
    •   Clean Transportation Efficiencies Forum
    •    Prop 39 Update
    •   Cap and Trade Symposium

    Click here for education program details, or click here to register.

    CBPA members get a discount on registration by using the code “OUTREACH.”