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    Dec 5


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    Last week at the Industry Awards Dinner, several leading figures in the commercial real estate industry surprised Rex Hime by recognizing his 30th Anniversary at the helm of CBPA.

    A visibly touched Hime welled-up as family appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and he was presented with a Joint Resolution from the State Senate Leaders Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) honoring his work, as well as a custom made Hawaiian shirt, which has become his trademark over the years.


    Additionally, Hime was presented with the following letter from the current CBPA Board Chair:

    Dear Rex:

    It is my honor to congratulate you on behalf of the current CBPA Board of Directors, and all who have come before me, on a distinguished 30 years at the helm of this organization.

    Before you were recruited to run CBPA, serving as part of the Assembly Desk and on the staffs of Governor Reagan and Lt. Governor Curb, and your run for Congress in 1978, gave you a perspective on the political process that has served our organization well.

    In October 1984, we brought you on as President and CEO – as our first and only employee!

    Since that time you have grown CBPA from our initial five founding companies to over 10,000 members, including the six largest commercial real estate associations in the nation.  You have built CBPA into the largest consortium of commercial real estate professionals on the West Coast!

    With you at the helm, CBPA has maintained over a 90% success rate on legislation. You led the coalition that has staved off numerous attempts to remove Proposition 13 protection from commercial real estate and create a “split roll” property tax.  You were instrumental in passage of law that protect commercial real estate from statewide rent-control measures.  You led a coalition of business and disability leaders to protect drive-through access for disabled customers.  And you have helped pass numerous statewide school construction and water bonds. 

    In additional to all the proactive activity, Rex, you have been instrumental in amending, changing, or defeating hundreds of bills that would harm the ability of commercial real estate industry to operate in California.

    CBPA is also proud that in addition to serving as our fearless leader, you have found the time to serve as an Alumni Regent of the University of California, and that you have served on the Board of Directors of the California State Fair (CAL-EXPO) – with appointments by every sitting Governor- of both parties – since 1995!

    Over the past 30 years we have also seen you marry a great lady, Gwyn Bicker Hime, and become a father of two fine sons, Rex and Reagan.

    Congratulations, and thank you for dedicating 30 years of service to this organization.



    Chairman of the Board

    Dec 5


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    As part of the regularly scheduled program several industry leaders were recognized: Champion of the Industry Awards went to the Segerstrom family of South Coast Plaza, for their accomplishments in the retail development field; to Bob Voit, Founder & CEO, of Voit Real Estate Services for their accomplishments in the office development field; to CBRE for their accomplishments in the service development field and to ReNewAll and IBEW 11/NECA Los Angeles/LMCC for their accomplishments in energy efficiency.

    Two companies also received major recognition for their dedication and commitment to community service and the commercial real estate industry. Don Wright, CEO of Property Development Centers and Senior Vice President of Real Estate & Engineering of Safeway Inc., accepted the John Caldecott Memorial Award on behalf of Safeway for their community charitable actions.

    And Tejon Ranch was awarded the Ernest W. Hahn Memorial Award for Legislative Affairs for their ongoing service to the commercial real estate industry. There to accept the award was Eileen Reynolds, VP of Government Affairs and Greg Bielli, Tejon Ranch President and CEO.

    The bi-annual Industry Awards Dinner recognizes the unwavering leadership of individuals and companies dedicated to the commercial industrial retail real estate industry. Over 200 attendees enjoyed the evening in Orange County.

    Click here to see the event program.

    Dec 5


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    Ensuring that your business is open and available to all members of the public, including those with disabilities, can be challenging. You know that it is not only the law, but also good customer service. But not knowing if your facility is accessible and the fear of opening yourself up to a lawsuit may keep you from asking for help. With their specialized knowledge of accessibility codes and standards, a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) can help.

    Only a CASp inspection can offer you legal protection as a “qualified defendant,” which can limit your financial liability in the event of an accessibility-related lawsuit.

    A CASp has been tested and certified by the Division of the State Architect on his or her knowledge of complex, construction-related accessibility standards and how those standards should be applied. He or she will know which standards apply to your property based on the age of your facility and its history of improvements. A CASp can also help you put together an action plan for any changes needed for your facility to become compliant.

    The cost of an inspection can vary. You can find a CASp providing services in your area on the Division of the State Architect’s website. Those who are available for inspections will have a “Yes” in the “Do Inspections?” column.

    To see examples of accessibility requirements for multiple facility components, view the Department of Rehabilitation’s “Boost Your Business” video series. The California Commission on Disability Access also has information on their website on how to protect your business.

    Additional information and answers to questions like, “What should I look for in an Agreement for CASp Services?” and “What should I look for in an Inspection Report?” is available in the “For Business Owners, Property Owners, and Consumers” section of the Division of the State Architect’s CASp Web page. Or, you may contact Ida Clair with the Division of the State Architect at Ida.Clair@dgs.ca.gov or 916.322.2490.