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    Aug 12


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    Summer recess has ended and the Legislature has un-shuttered the Capitol. Now, we see the final three weeks of Session and the formerly glacial pace of the legislative process turns into a sprint. The Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees have already met and acted on hundreds of bills, setting up lots of Floor activity in the coming weeks.

    We expect major activity happening on a number of issues that will impact the commercial real estate industry. Labor sponsored bills that could unfairly lien your buildings and make your responsible for the actions of others; a major water bond; water policy; CEQA actions; energy policy; and, uh, baby changing station mandates…

    Stay tuned, lots going on!

    Aug 12


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    Two labor-backed bills that could place pull your business into labor disputes that you have nothing to do with, have been moving quickly and we need your help. We oppose both bills and are strongly urging all of our members to get engaged locally on these measures. Make sure your members know about them and reach out to local legislative offices to explain how they would impact your operations. If you have not received an advocacy packet directly from us or from your local chapter/association, please let us know:

    AB 2416 (Stone; D-Scotts Valley) Unproven Wage Liens.  This bill creates a dangerous and unfair precedent in the wage and hour arena by allowing employees to file liens on an employer’s real or personal property, or property where work was performed, based upon alleged yet unproven wage claims. The bill is on the Senate Suspense file and will move to the Senate Floor next week.

    AB 1897 (Hernandez; D-West Covina) Labor Contracting; Client Liability.  This bill would force one company to essentially insure the wage and hour obligations, workers’ compensation coverage, and occupational health and safety duties of a separate employer’s employees, which will discourage the use of contractors and their employees. The bill is on the Senate Suspense file and will move to the Senate Floor next week.

    The CalChamber has identified both bills as “Job Killers,” and a large coalition of business groups are marshalling forces in Sacramento to educate legislators about negative impacts of these bills. But we need your help locally.

    Aug 12


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    Earlier this week Governor Brown distributed a letter outlining his position on the water bond.  He expresses opposition to the $11 billion bond and proposes to replace it with a $6 bond. Here is the letter:

    My Fellow Citizens of California:

    Drought conditions in California grow more serious by the day.

    Last month, the State Water Resources Control Board issued mandatory conservation measures to ensure that our water supply remains reliable. Whether you’re a rancher, farmer, business owner or an average Californian — it is crucial that you do all you can to conserve water.

    State government, of course, has a major role in how we manage and conserve this fundamental resource. In March, I signed legislation to provide over $680 million for drought relief efforts, including money for housing and food for workers directly affected by the drought, bond funds for local projects to capture and manage water more efficiently and funding for emergency drinking water supplies. The recently enacted state budget contains specific funding to lessen the impacts of drought on fish and wildlife across the state.

    But the drought shows no sign of letting up, so we must do more.

    Five years ago, state legislators and the Governor put a pork-laden water bond on the ballot — with a price tag beyond what’s reasonable or affordable. The cost to taxpayers would be enormous — $750 million a year for 30 years — and would come at the expense of funding for schools, health care and public safety. This is on top of the nearly $8 billion a year the state already spends on bond debt service.

    Since being elected governor, I’ve worked with the Legislature to reduce the state’s fiscal liabilities. Together, we’ve made steady progress paying down debt and enacting responsible, balanced budgets and it is no time to turn back now. Therefore, I’m proposing a no-frills, no-pork water bond that invests in the MOST CRITICAL PROJECTS without breaking the bank.

    My $6 billion plan provides for water use efficiency and recycling, effective groundwater management and added storage. It invests in safe drinking water, particularly in disadvantaged communities and for watershed restoration and increased flows in some of our most important rivers and streams.

    This water bond is tied to our comprehensive Water Action Plan that charts the way for California to become more resilient in the face of droughts and floods. It goes a long way to ensure clean drinking water, protect habitat and free up funding for local water projects.

    Water is central to our lives, our wildlife and our food supply. Our economy depends on it. We must act now so that we can continue to manage as good stewards of this vital resource for generations to come. But we can and must do so without returning California to the days of overwhelming deficit and debt.


    Jerry Brown

    For more information point your browser here www.saveourwater.com.

    Aug 12


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    The California Business Properties Association Industry Awards Dinner will be held on November 13, 2014 at The Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach.   The CBPA Industry Awards Dinner is a chance to recognize the unwavering leadership of individuals and companies dedicated to the commercial industrial retail real estate industry.

    This year we will be awarding our Champion of the Industry Awards to  South Coast PlazaVoit Real Estate Services; and  CBRE.  In addition to the Champions of the Industry award recipients, CBPA is also recognizing two companies for their dedication and commitment to community service and the commercial real estate industry.  Safeway is the recipient of the John Caldecott Memorial Award for their community charitable actions and Tejon Ranch is being awarded the Ernest W. Hahn Memorial Award for Legislative Affairs for their service to the commercial real estate industry.

    We hope you will join us on November 13. Click here to register or to find out about sponsorship opportunities.