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    Jul 11


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    The Legislature has shuttered the Capitol to protect it from the 108 degree Sacramento Summer Days and gone home for break.  We hope that they and you get to spend some quality time with loved ones over the next few weeks for vacation.

    Because of the lull in activity, the eWeekly will also take a little siesta until August 8, they Friday when they come back.  But don’t worry, we will be here keeping an eye on the place and preparing for the final push of Session.  And we will definitely alert you of any major breaking news.

    Jul 11


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    Two labor-backed bills that could place pull your business into labor disputes that you have nothing to do with, Will be considered when the Legislature comes back in August.  We oppose both bills and are strongly urging all of our members to get engaged locally on these measures.  Make sure your members know about them and reach out to local legislative offices to explain how they would impact your operations.

    AB 2416 (Stone; D-Scotts Valley) Unproven Wage Liens.  This bill creates a dangerous and unfair precedent in the wage and hour arena by allowing employees to file liens on an employer’s real or personal property, or property where work was performed, based upon alleged yet unproven wage claims.

    AB 1897 (Hernandez; D-West Covina) Labor Contracting; Client Liability.  This bill would force one company to essentially insure the wage and hour obligations, workers’ compensation coverage, and occupational health and safety duties of a separate employer’s employees, which will discourage the use of contractors and their employees.

    The CalChamber has identified both bills as “Job Killers,” and a large coalition of business groups are marshalling forces in Sacramento to educate legislators about negative impacts of these bills.  But we need your help locally.

    Jul 11


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    If you value property rights, you should know about Sacramento-based Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF).   A non-profit, public interest legal organization, PLF is the nation’s leading litigator for property rights.  PLF is donor-supported and represents all clients without charging attorneys’ fees.  Our cases are typically “David v. Goliath” stories, where we’re going up against overreaching bureaucracies.

    PLF attorneys recently scored their seventh precedent-setting victory at the U.S. Supreme Court, in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District.  This ruling held that land-use permits can’t impose unjustified conditions, including excessive demands for cash.

    A few of the property rights cases that PLF is litigating in California right now:

    • In San Jose, they are challenging the “inclusionary housing” mandate that forces builders to set aside some residential units at below-market prices or pay into an affordable housing fund.
    • In San Ramon, they are challenging a “community facilities” tax on construction, designed to help pay not for new facilities, but for spiraling pension costs.
    • In the nine-county Bay Area, they are challenging “Plan Bay Area,” a zoning scheme that would squeeze most new development into just five percent of the region’s surface area.

    For more information, Click here.