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    Mar 25


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    The 2014 Green California Summit & Expo taking place at the Sacramento Convention Center April 8-9.  The event is shaping up to be the biggest green government conference ever. Over 200 suppliers of green products and services and upwards of 6,000 attendees are expected. The Summit will feature keynote speakers, an educational program of full-day workshops, concurrent sessions, product showcases and networking opportunities. For information and to register, click here. The Green California Summit is the most important annual conference in California focused on the Golden State’s sustainability goals and the strategies, best practices and technologies that are helping state and local government achieve these goals.

    Whether setting aggressive renewable energy goals, enacting the nation’s first mandatory green building code, launching a pioneering effort to retrofit millions of  buildings constructed before the state had energy standards, or setting the goal of 1.5 million Zero Emission Vehicles on state roads, California sets the pace of green programs in the U.S.

    Mar 25


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    In 2013, CBPA followed more than 250 bills that had a potential impact on our industry.  Many of those bills did not make it through the process or were amended in a way that resolves our concerns. Now, the cycle starts over again. We are reading every bill and trying to identify issues that will impact our industry — however, we may not catch everything and need your help.

    As you go about your business, talking with colleagues at work lunches, your tax lawyers, reading newsletters from real estate organizations you are involved with, or while talking to local policymakers, if you hear of any bill that you are concerned with, please let us know. Simply send a note to Matthew Hargrove with the bill number, or just the subject matter, and we research it. We would rather get 100 notes asking us to follow something important, than allow an item to slip through the cracks.

    An industry-wide meeting with representatives from all the major commercial real estate groups active in California will meet on April 3 to review all bills and set policy direction.  If you are interested in participating please let us know.


    AB 515 (Dickinson D) Environmental quality: California Environmental Quality Act: writ of mandate.

    AB 976 (Atkins D) Coastal resources: California Coastal Act of 1976: enforcement: penalties.

    AB 1522 (Gonzalez D) Employment: paid sick days.

    AB 1961 (Eggman D) Land use: planning: Sustainable Farmland Strategy.

    AB 2045 (Rendon D) Energy improvements: financing.

    AB 2104 (Gonzalez D) Common interest developments: water-efficient landscapes.

    AB 2405 (Ammiano D) Landlord tenant: Ellis Act.

    AB 2416 (Stone D) Liens: laborers and employees.

    AB 2630 (Hernández, Roger D) Employment.

    ACA 3 (Campos D) Local government financing: public safety services: voter approval.

    SB 935 (Leno D) Minimum wage: annual adjustment.

    SB 968 (Hill D) Public lands: Martin’s Beach property: access road.

    SB 1021 (Wolk D) School districts: parcel taxes.

    SB 1171 (Hueso D) Real property transactions: agents: obligations.

    SB 1439 (Leno D) Residential real property: withdrawal of accommodations.

    SB 1451 (Hill D) Environmental quality: mitigation measures.

    SCA 4 (Liu D) Local government transportation projects: special taxes: voter approval.

    SCA 7 (Wolk D) Local government financing: public libraries: voter approval.

    SCA 8 (Corbett D) Transportation projects: special taxes: voter approval.

    SCA 9 (Corbett D) Local government: economic development: special taxes: voter approval.

    SCA 11 (Hancock D) Local government: special taxes: voter approval.


    Mar 25


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    As we have reported in the past, Governor Jerry Brown and the Legislature are moving forward to create a program that addresses the void left by the dismantling of California’s $5 billion per year Redevelopment programs.  The Governor is proposing in his budget to bring some elements of the program back.  The centerpiece of the plan is to use Infrastructure Finance Districts (IFD’s) which have taxing authority once created by voters.

    The IFD’s generally on future property taxes created by improving roads, sewers, and other economic inducing infrastructure.  We are following the proposal closely are seeking input from members.  Click here to read a press account of the proposal.

    Mar 25


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    Next Thursday, March 13, the California Building Standards Commission GREEN Code Advisory Committee will hear, discuss and deliberate proposed actions for the next building code update.

    As required by industry-sponsored legislation, state agencies proposing to amend the state building codes must first have their code-change proposal heard by at least one of the BSC’s Code Advisory Committees (CAC).   These advisory committees then provide the proposing agency and the commission with advice on whether the code-change should be rejected, approved or approved with amendments.

    Industry has voting representatives on each of these Committees.  Issues of immediate note will be BSC’s electric vehicle readiness standards, however your review and input is needed to make sure other issues of consequence are noted.

    Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD 05/13) – Amend the triennial edition of the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code, Title 24, Part 11. 

    California Building Standards Commission (BSC 06/13) – Amend the triennial edition of the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code, Title 24, Part 11.

    Division of the State Architect – Structural Safety (DSA/SS 02/13) – Amend the triennial edition of the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code, Title 24, Part 11.

    The committee will recommend to “Approve, Disapprove, Approve as amended, or Further Study as required” on each proposal. Industry input is critical.  Please share with interested parties and experts at your company and/or association and provide feedback to us by replying to this email, or directly to the BSC.


    Mar 25


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    The Legislative Analyst’s Office has released its report, “The 2014-15 Budget: Transportation Proposals,” which states that the Governor’s proposed $16.7 billion for transportation funding is $560 million below the current year expenditure estimate.  Click here to see the report.

    Mar 25


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    Over fifty leaders from the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate sectors gathered in Sacramento this week to chart the legislative and regulatory course for the coming year at the first California Business Properties Association (CBPA) meeting of 2014.  Issues ranging from the Governor’s proposal to backfill Redevelopment Agencies with IFD’s to proposed parcel tax issues and a review of legislation introduced so far were discussed.

    These real estate leaders heard from three Democratic candidates for Assembly including Napa County Supervisor Bill Dodd (Candidate for the 4th Assembly District); City of Orinda Vice Mayor Steve Glazer (Candidate for the 16th Assembly District); and Mayor of Healdsburg Dr. Jim Wood (Candidate for the 2nd Assembly District).  The lunchtime discussion provided an opportunity for these candidates to learn more about our industry and for our members to learn more about issues that potential statewide leaders are hearing from primary voters.

    The CBPA Board consists of leaders from all facets of our industry.  They meet quarterly to discuss issues, provide input, and assure the strategic direction of policy positions in Sacramento reflect the priorities of member companies.