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    Jun 19


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    Although there are still many bills alive in the legislature that will have a negative impact on businesses in California, our advocates focused on one bill that I targeted directly at members of our Association:

    AB 2265 (Hernandez; D-Baldwin Park) Management Decisions of Investment Districts

    This bill unnecessarily restricts revitalization activities by limiting individuals and entities that can help set-up then manage community investment districts (BIDS/PBIDS). Status:  Awaiting Committee Assignment in the Senate

    Jun 19


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    In a normal year, we seem to have only one or two high priority bills to support.  However, this year, maybe because its an election year, there are more bills we actually like than oppose.  Following are the bills we advocated for.  Each number is linked to the actual bill, if you want to read the legislative language:

    SB 1186 (Steinberg and Dutton) ADA Reform

    This bill prohibits an attorney or any person from issuing a demand for money to a building owner or tenant for a violation of a construction-related accessibility standard, and prohibits an attorney or any person from receiving any payment, settlement, compensation or other remuneration pursuant to a demand for money in cases alleging a violation of a construction-related accessibility standard. Status:  Awaiting Assignment in Assembly

    SB 1436 (Lowenthal; D – Long Beach) AED Training and Liability for Building Owners

    This bill makes permanent the existing protections that provide general immunity from civil damages in connection with the use of automated external defibrillators. Status:  In Assembly Judiciary Committee

    SB 1130 (de Leon; D-Los Angeles) Commercial Building Energy Retrofit Financing Act

    This bill creates the Commercial Building Energy Retrofit Financing Program, administered by the California Energy Commission, to help provide benefits from alternative energy and energy efficiency improvements to participating owners of commercial buildings.  Status:  In Assembly Natural Resources Committee

    AB 2226 (Hueso; D-Chula Vista) Holder of Title Owns Property in Public Proceedings

    Provides that the owner of a legal title is presumed to be the owner of the full beneficial title in proceedings before state agencies, cities, counties, or city and counties. Status:  In Senate Judiciary Committee

    Jun 19


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    The 2012 California Commercial Real Estate Summit (CCRES) – better known as “Commercial Real Estate Lobby Day” – was held in Sacramento this week. Over 90 industry leaders representing commercial, industrial, and retail real estate, came to the Capital to strategize on how to defeat measures aimed at our industry- including split-roll property tax, meet with legislators and Governor’s staff, and learn more about issues impacting commercial real estate in California. The event can best be summed-up in the following “thank you” message sent to the participants.

    Industry Colleagues: 

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend the 2012 California Commercial Real Estate Summit (CCRES). Interacting with the Legislature is like giving a speech to a parade, so your presence in Sacramento over the past two days is an essential part of the year-round advocacy effort that is needed to assure the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate industry has a place at the table and is effective at influencing public policy with an impact on our businesses. 

    Your efforts help establish a connection between the Sacramento process and real live people providing jobs, services, and growing the economy. You helped educate legislators about issues impacting our industry, from sustainable building mandates to the impact of international trade. You fought on your own behalf against bills that would do great harm to the industry and supported a few that might actually provide some benefit. 

    One of the purposes of the CCRES is to present a unified front between all the sectors of our industry. For the most part, legislators and staff do not distinguish between the various types of projects within our industry – a shopping center and an office building is all commercial development to most folks under the gilded dome. So, combining/consolidating efforts under the CBPA umbrella of all the major industry associations (ICSC, BOMA, NAIOP, IREM, RILA, CCIM, CALED, and CDA) and individual member companies, is an effective way to assure that we use that to our advantage and act as a cohesive whole, while taking the opportunity to explain the unique characteristics of each sector of the industry, which ultimately increases our effectiveness on the wide range of issues and bills. 

    Finally, we hope you had the chance to network with colleagues and meet some new ones and personally interact with legislators from your area and beyond. We know this relationship building will help us represent you and the industry better in the coming months – we hope you found it valuable, too.

    On a housekeeping note, please pass along any relevant information you picked up while meeting with legislators, any follow-up we should do, and/or any feedback you may have on the CCRES to help strengthen the event for next year. It is also recommended that you send just a quick “thank you note” to those offices you met with.

    On behalf of Matthew, Melissa, Missy, and the whole CBPA Board of Directors, THANK YOU!

    Rex Hime,

    President & CEO