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    Jun 10


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    Good news from the national level: the U.S. Senate voted this week to fix the broken debit market and reform debit card swipe fees.  This was yet another huge victory for merchants and consumers.  This vote protects the reforms scheduled to go into effect next month. Unfortunately, both California Senators (Feinstein and Boxer) voted in the minority against this reasonable measure.

    The issue now moves to the Federal Reserve, which is expected to release final implementation rules.  Click here for more information.

    Jun 10


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    On June 16, 2011, the Coastal Commission will be making a decision that could establish a policy that would allow the Coastal Commission to merge separate parcels into one “economic” parcel.  Under this novel and unprecedented theory advanced by Coastal Commission staff, an owner of a parcel of land could be denied all use of their property without compensation.  The theory is that separately-owned contiguous parcels may be treated as one ownership if they are “related” for reasons such as cooperation among property owners, common access, common design features, and any type of relationship between the owners (business, personal or otherwise).  Alternatively, Commission staff asserts that the Commission may declare that the various owners be treated as a partnership and their land be treated as property of the partnership, leaving the owners to go to Court and litigate their interests in the government-declared partnership.  If the Commission adopts this approach, it would establish a precedent that would create incredible uncertainty regarding ownership of land. 

    CBPA urges its members to attend the hearing, provide testimony and submit letters to the Commission opposing this new policy.  It is critical that property owners and business interests throughout California alert the Coastal Commission about the negative consequences this policy will have to property rights and its threat to the stability of land ownership in our state.

    Jun 10


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    Our industry also confirmed opposition – and committed resources to defeating — SB 469 (Juan Vargas; D-San Diego), a bill that will require additional economic and community impact analyses for retail developments that are 90,000 feet or larger and sell groceries, passed the Senate on a vote of 21-14, the bare minimum of votes needed.

    We have written several times in the past about our opposition to the measure, so we’d like to share with you what the California League of Cities is saying about the bill.  Click here to read their alert entitled “Discriminatory Land Use ‘Superstore’ Bill Passes in Senate; Latest Chapter in Union-Backed ‘Grocery War.”

    For more information on how to get involved, reply to this email or visit www.StopSB469.com.

    Jun 10


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    This week our industry confirmed its opposition to – and committed resources to defeating — AB 350 (Jose Solorio; D-Santa Ana), a bill which creates a protected class of building services employees and dictates that they must be hired when changing a service contract.

    The bill passed the Assembly last week on a vote of 46-31.  Only Democrats supported the measure, while a bipartisan mix of legislators voted against it.

    Should this bill become law, tenants and property managers will not see a change in the staff responsible for day-today services when they hire a new company.  And new companies – union or non-union – will be forced to take on employees that they have not screened and who may not be up to the required tasks.

    AB 350 is extremely unfair to productive workers as it would displace employees who work for a service provider that has successfully competed for a new contract with employees from the previous company that lost the job — even if the reason for losing the contract was poor performance of the now protected employees. 

    The battle now moves to the Senate, where we must work hard both in Sacramento and in district to defeat this measure.

    Jun 10


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    The 2011 California Commercial Real Estate Summit (CCRES) – better known as “Commercial Real Estate Lobby Day” — was held in Sacramento this week. Over 90 industry leaders, representing commercial, industrial, and retail real estate, came to the Capital to strategize on how to defeat measures aimed at our industry, including split-roll property tax, meet with legislators, Governor’s staff, and learn more about issues impacting commercial real estate in California. The event can best be summed-up in the following “thank you” message sent to the participants.

    Industry Colleagues: 

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend the 2011 California Commercial Real Estate Summit (CCRES). Interacting with the Legislature is like giving a speech to a parade, so your presence in Sacramento over the past two days is an essential part of the year-round advocacy effort that is needed to assure the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate industry has a place at the table and is effective at influencing public policy with an impact on our businesses. 

    You efforts help establish a connection between the Sacramento process and real live people providing jobs, services, and growing the economy. You helped educate legislators about issues impacting our industry, from sustainable building mandates to the impact of international trade. You fought on your own behalf against bills that would do great harm to the industry and supported a few that might actually provide some benefit. 

    One of the purposes of the CCRES is to present a unified front between all the sectors of our industry. For the most part, legislators and staff do not distinguish between the various types of projects within our industry – a shopping center and an office building is all commercial development to most folks under the gilded dome. So, combining/consolidating efforts under the CBPA umbrella of all the major industry associations (ICSC, BOMA, NAIOP, IREM, RILA, and CDA) and individual member companies, is an effective way to assure that we use that to our advantage and act as a cohesive whole, while taking the opportunity to explain the unique characteristics of each sector of the industry, which ultimately increases our effectiveness on the wide range of issues and bills. 

    Finally, we hope you had the chance to network with colleagues and meet some new ones and personally interact with legislators from your area and beyond. We know this relationship building will help us represent you and the industry better in the coming months – we hope you found it valuable, too.

    On a housekeeping note, please pass along any relevant information you picked up while meeting with legislators, any follow-up we should do, and/or any feedback you may have on the CCRES to help strengthen the event for next year. It is also recommended that you send just a quick “thank you note” to those offices you met with.