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    Jun 3


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    SB 469 (Juan Vargas; D-San Diego) a bill that will require additional economic and community impact analyses for retail developments that are 90,000 feet or larger and sell groceries, passed the Senate on a vote of 21-14, the bare minimum of votes needed.

    We have written several times in the past about our opposition to the measure, so we’d like to share with you what the California League of Cities is saying about the bill.  Click here to read their alert entitled, “Discriminatory Land Use ‘Superstore’ Bill Passes in Senate; Latest Chapter in Union-Backed ‘Grocery War.”

    According to the League of Cities:  “While the measure purports to be a policy-focused measure to ensure that local officials are equipped with a comprehensive analysis of all possible regional and local impacts, none of these criteria would apply to discount membership stores, department stores, grocery chains, shopping malls and other large projects with similar impacts.”

    Dan Walters, Columnist for the Sacramento Bee, also slammed the measure in his column today stating, “While state legislators pay lip service to local decision-making, they also claim a divine right to intervene in local conflicts by siding with one faction or the other, even when it means overturning ordinary governmental and legal processes.” Click here to read the full piece.

    For more information on how to get involved, reply to this email or visit www.StopSB469.com.

    Jun 3


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    AB 350 (Jose Solorio; D-Santa Ana) which creates a protected class of building services employees – employed with private sector companies – passed the Assembly this week on a vote of 46-31.  Only Democrats supported the measure, while a bipartisan mix of legislators voted against it.

    Should this bill become law, tenants and property managers will not see a change in the staff responsible for day-today services when they hire a new company.  And new companies – union or non-union – will be forced to take on employees that they have not screened and who may not be up to the required tasks.

    AB 350 is extremely unfair to productive workers as it would displace employees who work for a service provider that has successfully competed for a new contract with employees from the previous company that lost the job — even if the reason for losing the contract was poor performance of the now protected employees. 

    The battle now moves to the Senate, where we must work hard both in Sacramento and in district to defeat this measure.

    Jun 3


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    Today marks a major deadline in the California State Legislature.  “First House Deadline” means that all Assembly bills must be passed to the Senate, and visa-versa.  Hundreds of bills were acted on this week and we will sift through the actions to identify which bills are still alive and which bills are dead.

    Jun 3


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    Next week we look forward to welcoming almost 100 leaders from the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate industry to Sacramento for the California Commercial Real Estate Summit (CCRES).  Commonly referred to as “Commercial Real Estate Day in the Capitol,” this event is the one time of year that all sectors of industry converge on California’s Capitol to meet with policymakers about issues impacting your business.

    This year participants are scheduled to meet with almost half of the Legislature as well as several high-level staff from Governor Brown’s Administration. 

    The goal of the California Commercial Real Estate Summit is to increase public policy and political awareness of state issues impacting commercial, industrial, and retail real estate, and to foster collaborative efforts among business leaders from all sectors of California and their representatives in the State Legislature. 

    This year we will be advocating on a range of measures including bills that would mandate building hiring (AB 350), interfere with local land-use and tenant improvement processes (SB 469), create an un-level playing field in Unlawful Detainer procedures (AB 265 and AB 934), and shift construction lawsuits onto property owners (SB 474).  We will also focus time on educating legislators about the ills of looking towards a split roll property tax to help balance the state budget.

    If you know someone that is taking time out of their busy schedule to come to Sacramento to advocate on YOUR behalf, please thank them!